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Tammy Hui began her film production career in the early 1980s with Academy One Films Limited, one of the top production companies in Hong Kong.
In 1987, Tammy joined advertising agency Leo Burnett as Head of Television Production, during her 6 years with Leo Burnett, she has handled numerous major accounts including Philip Morris, Cathay Pacific, Chase Manhattan Bank, and United Airlines. A majority of the TV commercials produced by her during that period have received numerous international awards, while Tammy was acclaimed as one of the best TV commercial producers in the Asia-Pacific region.
In 1993, Tammy joined OdeonMedia as Producer and responsible for the company’s entertainment content productions.


Film Director


Derek Chang is one of the leading TV commercial directors in Asia. His works have gained numerous awards both in Hong Kong and overseas.

Derek graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a degree in graphics and advertising design. He then studied film production at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Between 1984 and 1987, Derek worked for the Director's Network in Los Angeles as a Director of television commercials and music videos. In 1989, he joined OdeonMedia, where he was responsible for the creative and artistic aspects of OdeonMedia's productions.

Derek was also the director of choice for many Cantopop artists such as Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai. He directed Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai’s feature films “My Dream Is Yours” and “Run”, respectively.



Film Director


Tong Beng Sng is one of the best creative talents in the Asian advertising industry. Tong Beng started his career as Junior Copy Writer in Singapore in 1985, he joined Leo Burnett, Singapore in 1986 as Art Director and he was appointed Creative Group Head in 1987. Tong Beng was appointed Creative Director at  Leo Burnett, Tokyo in 1988 and transferred to Leo Burnett, Hong Kong for the same position in 1989. In 1995, Tong Beng moved back to Singapore and co-founded Water Films and began his career as TV commercial director.


Tong Beng joined forces with Tammy Hui and Derek Chang in 1998 and became a partner and Film Director of OdeonMedia. Tong Beng’s career as a Film Director has won him numerous awards including Best Director Award at Singapore 4A’s  Show, Best Director at the Philippines 4A’s Show, Silver Lion Award at the Cannes Festival and he was named one of the Top 100 TV Commercial Directors in the World in Cannes Festival.



Film Director


Ian Hui is a Canadian-Hong Kong Film Director. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, he later migrated to Hong Kong and grew up in the city and studied in the International School System until he went to University of Colorado Boulder, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts.

Ever since high school, Ian had had a deep affinity for the cinema. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder, Ian moved to Los Angeles and joined Hollywood Gang Productions as a development executive. After his time in Hollywood, he joined OdeonMedia as a Film Director in 2020 directing TV commercials and music videos. His recent works include: Imagine, White Crane, Rooftops, That Never Happened, No Distance Left to Run, and Dreams of Glory.

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Danny Hui has nearly forty years of diversified distribution, production and marketing experiences in the media business.  As a distributor, he has distributed a wide variety of movies including Oscar best picture “The Deer Hunter”, Sam Peckinpah’s “Cross of Iron”, the cult movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", Tony Bill’s directorial debut "My Bodyguard" and Sophie Marceau’s "La Boum 2".


In 1987, Danny founded OdeonMedia, a production and distribution company specializing in creating, producing and distributing entertainment content such as television series, TV commercials, feature films and music videos for the global Chinese audiences.  In 1999, Danny joined Columbia TriStar International Television as Head of Asian TV Production and President of Super TV, a fully owned subsidiary of Columbia TriStar and a leading cable network in Taiwan.





Michael J. Werner has nearly forty years of diversified executive and entrepreneurial experience in international film sales and media consulting, specializing in the Asia-Pacific region.


Michael started his career with Manson International in the early 1980s and later joined Cineplex Odeon Films International as Senior Vice President of International Sales and the Summit Group as Executive Vice President.  In 1995, Michael served as co-Asia Pacific Supervisor for Twentieth Century Fox International, and he became a media consultant for News Corporation in 1998, assisting the company to formulate media and distribution strategy in China.  Michael became co-chairman of Fortissimo Films in 2000, a production and distribution company specializes in art house films for the global audiences.


Michael was awarded a Silver Hugo by the Chicago Film Festival for his contribution to world cinema in 2005, he also awarded a Golden Kinnaree for his contribution to Asian cinema by the Bangkok Film Festival. Michael was admitted as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Executive Branch) in 2006.

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Paul Wang Weijiang has more than 25 years of experience in TV program production, distribution, and marketing in China.


Paul began his career with Beijing Shanhe Arts Co., Ltd. in 1992 and was responsible for the production and distribution of renowned film director Feng Xiaogang’s TV series “A Floor of Chicken Feather” and famous author Wang Shuo’s film directorial debut “Father”.


Paul joined OdeonMedia in 1995 as Deputy General Manager and responsible for its China operation.


Paul became the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Galloping Horse Media Co., Ltd. in 2000, he produced TV series “Missing Stars Files”, “Super Cop Lady Thirteenth” and “Special Insurance Files” for the company.


In 2003, Paul rejoined OdeonMedia and was responsible for the productions of TV series “Romancing Hong Kong” and documentary “Through the Eyes of the Celebrities”.


Paul became an independent producer in 2008 and partnered with China’s Huayi Brother Media Corp. to produce TV series including “Brotherhood”, “Black Rose”, “Espionage 1939”, “Big Era”, “Operation Butterfly”, “Chopping Thief”, “My Son Is Perfect” , “Debt of Rouge” and “Evil Cat”.

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