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about us.

Founded in 1987, Odeon Media Limited (“OdeonMedia”) is a Vancouver and Hong Kong-based production and distribution company specializing in creating, producing, and distributing entertainment content (television series, TV commercials, feature films, and music videos) for the global audiences. OdeonMedia’s clientele includes major streamers, broadcasters, media platforms, and advertisers.


After over 30 years of success, OdeonMedia is now transitioning into a new growth phase.  Led by next-generation management and creative team who are fully immersed in both Asian and Western cultures, OdeonMedia will now pursue a strategy of creating visual content where “East meets West”.  Our content will travel well and appeal to both Asian and Western audiences through multiple visual art mediums.

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Canada Address:

1228 Homer Street, Suite 501

Vancouver BC V6B 2Y5


T: +1 604 926 0171

Hong Kong Address:

Kodak House II, Suite 1201

39 Healthy Street East,

North Point, Hong Kong

T: +852 2590 8022

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